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Diagnostic testing
...for all makes and models of modern cars

Diagnostic testing has become a major part of our activities at GJB Autos Ltd, due to the increased use of electronics in the modern motor vehicle. Even a well serviced car can fall foul to electrical problems!

Most modern cars can have upwards of over 50 ECUs (electronic control units) to control everything from engine management to electric windows. The ECU contains a self-diagnosis system which detects malfunctions and abnormalities with the engine electrical systems.

What’s the cost of diagnostic testing?

Most diagnostic testing costs start at £45.00. And that will normally cover most instances, but sometimes the problem is not as easy to find and will result in higher costs. We will keep you informed of progress at every stage, so you have control of the cost.

Below is a list of some of the systems we cover but if you can not see the system you need testing here, please do not hesitate to call us to find out if we can.

Investing for the future at GJB Autos Ltd

We have invested heavily in modern equipment to tackle the problems that can be found on the modern vehicle. By making major investments in the latest diagnostic equipment and keeping up to date with current technical data, we can offer near dealer level diagnostics to a wide range of makes and models including EOBD (European on board diagnostics) for emissions on all late model vehicles.

TOP TIP - information, information, information!

The more information you can provide for us the better. Please try to give as much info as possible, it may not seem important at the time of the problem occurring, but it may be of great help to us to fix the problem quicker. The quicker the fix - the cheaper the cost!

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