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Mechanical and engineering work

At GJB Autos Ltd, our range of garage services is extensive and, as well as general car and motorbike repairs, includes: MOT tests for cars, vans and motorbikes; clutch, brake and exhaust repairs; air conditioning; welding; new tyres and balancing. We only use premium lubricants and other fluids to ensure the best performance for your vehicle.

Computer technology

We have software for diagnostic testing all makes and models of modern vehicles. If your vehicle is in warranty, our software also includes Auto Data which checks what services are required for the age of your vehicle to keep it within warranty and ensures that any servicing done will not affect it.

Courtesy cars

We have two courtesy cars available, terms and conditions apply.


We have a very pleasant reception where you can wait, if necessary. Along with comfortable seating, coffee table, magazines and a water cooler, we also serve up a good cup of coffee or tea!

The importance of servicing

It is very important to keep your vehicle regularly serviced. Regular servicing will keep your vehicle more reliable, reducing the chance of breakdowns, inconvenience and unnecessary expense.

Which type of servicing is best for you? That all depends on the way your vehicle is used:

HIGH MILEAGE, mainly motorway driving or mainly town driving
Motorway driving may well rack up the miles but generally causes less wear and tear on a vehicle, so regular oil changes will be needed in between main services to keep the engine healthy.
High mileage around town driving will cause more wear on things like the brakes and suspension, so main servicing will be needed more often.

LOW MILEAGE, long or short journeys
Low mileage vehicles will generally need a small service once year and a full service the next year. Many of our customers try to tie this in with their MOT test so they only need to visit us once a year.

TOP TIP - be garage friendly!
Please remember to leave your locking wheel nut removal socket (if fitted), your vehicle service history book and your MOT certificate (if applicable) on the passenger seat or in your glove box. It really can save us a lot of time!

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